Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind The Curious Cake Shoppe?

The Curious Cake Shoppe is run and owned by one individual and that individual is me! My name is Tania and I'd shake your hand if this pesky monitor was not in the way. It might seem daunting that there is only one little person behind all this, but really that is part of what makes The Curious Cake Shoppe so special. There is one person designing, creating, photographing, listing, managing, and shipping all the orders. That means every order gets a level of attention and detail that you rarely see anymore. Admittedly, when things get a little too crazy I do have some wonderful friends that help me with shipping.

Do I have to join PayPal in order to make a payment?

No, you do not have to create a PayPal account to make a payment. Just click "Checkout" and when you see the log in screen look to the left. It looks like a bunch of useless advertising but it is actually telling you how to pay without creating an account.

What shipping options do you offer?

We use priority shipping via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS, depending on the item and the area being shipped too. Estimated time of arrival is the same for all three, 1 to 3 business days.

We also ship internationally! Please contact us before placing your order so that we can calculate an approximate cost based on your location. We will use whatever carrier in most affordable in getting your package to you as quickly as possible. If you have a preference on carrier, please let us know.

Why does my estimated shipping show up as free?

Because a lot of our business comes from local customers, we included the option to pickup your order. PayPal automatically defaults to the cheapest shipping method when estimating your cost, so if you are using a zip code that is in Texas... well you get the idea, I am hoping they offer a solution to this soon so you can see more accurate shipping charges on the estimation page.

I saw an item I liked, and now it's gone!

Because all of our items are handmade, this frequently means they are one of a kind. When an item is purchased, it is removed from the for sale page. Pictures of sold items can be found in our Gallery. If you saw something you loved, but it sold out, don't fret! Contact us and we will cook you up something similar. We say "similar" because not all the ingredients of the cake may be available, but we will take the aspects you love and bake you something of your very own.

These two items have the same basic ingredients, but the prices are different... why?

We here at The Curious Cake Shoppe have always considered ourselves bargain hunters. We are constantly on the look out for sales and great deals so we can make our products as affordable as possible. If we are able to find the ingredients we need on sale for a particular product, then that particular product could be cheaper than the others. Sometimes the savings balance out with extra goodies, and sometimes you can see the difference in the price. It is all part of our goal to make products that everyone would love to receive and anyone could afford to give.

I need to get my item faster! Can you do rushed shipping?

Sure! We are happy to try our best to get your order there by the date you need it. Just email orders @ curiouscakeshoppe . com with the item you would like and your zip code so we can send you an invoice for the proper total.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Your information is used to ship your order and contact you only. This information will never be sold or exploited.

Who did your rocking awesome logo?

Her name is Shell Meggersee Briggs and I highly recommend her work.
Contact her at her website As-You-Do, tell her we sent you!

I have an idea, can you help me create it?

We would love too! Visit our Custom Orders page or contact us at orders @ curiouscakeshoppe . com to discuss your very own custom order.

I'd like a Custom Cake, but I want to use items off of their registry.

If it is at a major store that exists in our area, no problem. It will take us a little extra time to gather up all the ingredients we need, but we would be happy to bake you a cake that is their favorite flavor! Email us at orders @ curiouscakeshoppe . com

If you are unhappy with an item you received:

Please email us at orders @ curiouscakeshoppe . com to discuss your order. We want you to be completely happy with the quality of the product you've received!